Horse head picture frame 16 x 12

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Our Horse's Head picture comes with a tartan fabric material in a good quality rustic frame.


Sure you can, just order a 'mount only' with or without a frame. We only have one fabric as shown in the image, our fabric may not be your homestyle decor taste. Why not make one for yourself?


Buy the material from any fabric shop. Some shops have remnants or you can buy by the metre off the roll. Ask for half a metre - this is sufficient for four mounts. See our other mounts for your project. 

All you need;

  1. Fabric - to cover 16 x 12" inches, for the back of the mount 
  2. Double sided tape (recommenced - permanent adhesive)
  3. Scissors and pen or chalk

How to add fabric behind the mount;

  1. Carefully stick the double sided tape around the edge of the horse's head, each corner and along the side of the edge on the back of the mount - don't peel off the tape yet.
  2. Iron the fabric if creased - lay the fabric on a smooth surface then place the mount on top to ensure the pattern is straight on the front.
  3. Then carefully with a pen or chalk, line the fabric along the edge of the overall mount to cut off the left over fabric.
  4. Remove the mount from the fabric and peel off the tape.
  5. Tricky part - adhering the mount onto the fabric, ensure the pattern is straight again, keep it quite taut before you press down on the mount to stick it down.
  6. Trim the outside of the fabric if it overhangs the mount size.
  7. Insert mount into the frame.


  • Glass size 16" x 12" (40.6 cm x 30.4 cm)
  • Hang only - use command hanging strips, recommended
  • Made of polcore moulded with glass, MDF backing board and sawhook


  • Horse shape
  • Single white mount
  • Rustic traditional wood effect frame

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