Personalised baby, twins or triplets babyhood photo frame

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Featuring three apertures in bevel edge cut out - each with the baby's name and date of birth inscribed onto the mount - this photo frame is ideal gift for parents of twins and triplets. 

Whether you are a proud parent of one gorgeous little bundle, two terrible twins or three impossible triplets the photos of them as babies will always bring you back to that first day of incredible happiness when they first arrived.

Ideal gift for;

  • Grandparents
  • New Auntie & Uncle
  • Godparents 

Useful tips  .... think of something else

  • Why not insert a photo of each Grandchild or Godchild and have their names inscribed underneath each aperture
  • Or insert photos of brother(s) or sister(s) or both siblings with their names inscribed
  • You may have your own ideas, tell us and we do it for you - at the same price!


Frame size  

Rustic or white frame  - size 20" x 8" (50.8 cm x 20.3 cm) ready to hang only. 

Mount overall size 20" x 8"

Photo size 

Holds per photo, size 6" x 4" – landscape 

Frame material 

Rustic-look MDF effect with glass, MDF backing board, sawhook - hang only

White frame is made of polcore moulded with glass, MDF backing board, sawhook - hang only

Mount colour 

Double mounted in cream inner border and white front mount


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