Personalised Triple Scan 3D 4D Photo Frame 20 x 8 Oak

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Oak framed triple baby scan photo personalised frame.

From that very first moment you can see your baby you know you want to capture the memory forever. Remember your first scan when your baby was tiny, the second scan when maybe you found out you had a gorgeous boy or girl and the third scan when you could finally see how handsome he/she was.

Finally add that very first photo when he/she emerged into the bright new world - bursting with life. Our triple baby scan photo frame allows you to create those memories from the first scan until birth.

Add your own baby scan photos and newborn baby boy first ever photo on the day he was born in our PERSONALISED triple scan photo frame.

Please select your ultrasound scan to be inscribed -
My third scan
My 3D scan 
My 4D scan

Beautifully made for 
  • Newborn baby boy or girl
  • Baby shower gift - use nickname or prenatal name
  • Baby nursery room decor
  • New baby arrival gift
  • Baby memory wall
  • Christening gift

PERSONALISATION - inscribed at the bottom of the frame as shown in the image (example)

No Name - Please ADD 'Leave blank' in the customisation box if you do not wish to have a name to be personalised, we'll just inscribe 'My first scan', 'My second scan' and 'My third scan or My 3D scan / My 4D scan and 'My first photo' and leave blank at the bottom.

1.The triple scan frame can be personalised with a baby's nickname or a surname (ideal for baby shower or memory wall)

Nickname - i.e. Bubbles, Little peanuts, Wriggler, Our Little Miracle (Pre-natal nickname before birth)
Surname - i.e. Baby Dobson.

2. You can choose the full name or full name to be inscribed

Name - George
Full name - George Edward Dobson
Names with a hyphen are welcome

3. If baby not born yet there's options below;
1) Leave blank
2) Surname - i.e. Baby Dobson
3) Pre-natal nickname
4) We recommenced that you order this frame AFTER the birth if you would like the name to be inscribed on the frame.
Personalised triple baby scan photo frame featuring three apertures to insert the first, second and third ultrasound scan photos and a standard size aperture to insert the baby girl's first ever photo in a vertical white frame 20 x 8".

'My first scan', 'My second scan', 'My third scan or 3D / 4D' (is standard) is inscribed onto the photo mount underneath each baby's scan.
'My first photo' and baby's name is inscribed by the standard size photo.

Standard size - holds 6 x 4" (bottom photo)
Baby ultrasound scan photo - 4 x 3"

Please note - the aperture size are cut smaller so the photos can sit perfectly behind the mount otherwise it will fall through.

Double mounted in white (inner border) and misty grey front. This is a beautiful colour mount to suit any calming nursery room decor such as grey, teal and green.


FRAME - 20(H) x 8(W)" vertical position, the frame size is the glass size not the overall of the frame.
The good quality frame itself is made of polcore moulded with glass, MDF backing board, sawhook, ready to hang only. (see useful tips below)

  • We recommenced you use 'Command Hanging Strips' (not supplied) for flush fitting on the wall - Use one on each end (top and bottom, vertical position) it's safer than hook/nail and will look more neater and straighter in the nursery room.
  • Like the style but want the inscription differently - tell us what you would like us to inscribe quoting 'Triple' in the message.
Photos in the frame are for illustration purposes.
    All our designed mounts are cut in 45 degree bevel using our top of the range computerised mount cutter machine and a pen tool for personalising.


      PHOTO SIZE  

      • Three aperture size 3.5 x 2.5 which holds scan photo size 4" x 3"
      • Standard aperture size 5.5" x 3.5" which holds photo size 6" x 4"  

      Please note - the aperture size are cut smaller so the photos can sit perfectly behind the mount otherwise it will fall through.


        • Oak frame  - size 20" x 8" (50.8 cm x 20.3 cm) ready to hang only
        • The frame size is the size of the glass and picture size not the overall size of the frame.
        • The photo frame itself is finished in polcore moulded with glass, MDF backing board and sawhook

        • Picture frames are measured by the rebate in the back of the picture fits in. If you were to turn picture frame over to see the back where the glass and picture fits you'd measure from top to bottom for one measurement i.e. 10 inches and from left to right for other measurement i.e. 8 inches.


        • Three small apertures for scan photos and aperture for standard size photo
        • Quote; My first scan, My second scan, My third scan (My 3D scan or My 4D scan) and My first photo
        • Baby's name inscribed at the bottom of the mount


        • Board thickness is 1400 microns
        • We use the finest quality white core and conservation mountboard thar offers a clean, crisp bevel cut.
        • Each board is lignin free, alkaline sized, acid free, PH neutral and is calcium carbonate buffered to enhance its useful lifespan by minimising the effect of atmosphere pollutants.


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