Stags Head Mount 16 x 12

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Category: Stag Head Mount

Type: Custom Mounts

Stag's head cut out single mount, supply your own fabric and frame.

  • Overall mount size 16 x 12 inches
  • Stag's head cut out measures (W)10.5"  x (H)15"  inches (this is standard cut out size)
  • Single mount
  • Choose one of our four mount colour of your choice
  • Stag's head shape aperture includes stag's head cut out (for drawing on)
  • Frame not included
  • Fabric not included

Useful tips;

Instructions how to complete your frame

All you need;

  1. Fabric - to cover 16 x 12" inches, for the back of the mount 
  2. Frame size 16 x 12"
  3. Double sided tape (recommenced - permanent adhesive)
  4. Scissor and pen or chalk

How to place the fabric;

  1. Carefully stick the double side tape around the edge of the stag's head and each corner and along the side of the edge at the back of the mount - don't peel off the tape yet.
  2. Iron fabric if creased - lay the fabric on smooth surface then place mount on top to ensure any patterns are straight at the front.
  3. Then carefully with a pen or chalk, then line the fabric along the edge of the overall mount to cut off left over fabric.
  4. Remove the mount from the fabric and peel off the tape.
  5. Tricky part - adhere mount onto fabric, ensure patterns are straight before you press down on the mount to stick.
  6. Insert mount into the frame.
    See our completed tartan fabric stag's head frame - straightened pattern fabric.

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