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Boy or Girl? - Fun ways to take a guess - Azana Photo Frames

Boy or Girl? - Fun ways to take a guess

So, we all know (don't we?) that the only way to truly tell if your baby is going to be a boy or a girl is through the employment of some serious science. You need an ultrasound or you can preselect the gender at the embryo stage if your circumstances allow. But this doesn't stop people from making some pretty wild assertions regarding how they can tell what your baby will be.

Most of these stem from old wives tales – but some might actually be rooted in some good factual evidence. We are pretty sure you have probably heard most of these!

How you are carrying​?

If you baby is low in the pelvis it is a boy and if it is high it is a girl. So the tale goes. Of course how you actually carry your child is based on your physiology – not that of the baby. However this might have come from the fact that boys can be larger at birth and may drop sooner. 

The state of your skin

It is said that if your skin is soft and supple you will be having a boy, while a girl will make it dry and itchy. Of course, your actual diet is more likely to influence this. But there may be some sense in the hormonal theory that boys change your hormones giving you softer skin? Girls are also said to to cause acne breakouts.

It has been said that if you look totally gorgeous during pregnancy you are carrying a boy, while girls will drain the life out of you for themselves. Obviously this is deeply rooted in the assumption that girls care more about their looks and that this is natural. But we know that all babies are born looking absolutely gorgeous and that they don't need any of our beauty to improve on that!


The numbers game

A complicated Chinese calculation of numbers to do with the time of month your conceived and your age can result in either a boy or girl. Maybe the moon has to be in the right phase or something.

Other numbers include the baby's heartbeat which is said to be quicker for a girl. If it is above 140 bpm you have a little girl while a boy will come in at less than 140bpm. Perhaps boys are just a little more relaxed?

Morning sickness

There are mother's across the country nodding their heads to this one. It is widely believed that morning sickness is a good indicator of a girl, while boys leave us relatively free of this horrible symptom. I am afraid to say I had morning sickness with both my girl and my boy...

Your food cravings are also an indicator according to some – sweet for girls and salty or sour for boys. What did they say about puppy dogs tails?

Keys and rings

If swollen fingers allow, remove your wedding ring and swing it on a string above your bump. Round and round for a boy and back and forth for a girl. Your car key can apparently hold the same wisdom – if you grab it by the narrow part it indicates a girl – the bulky part shows it is a boy to buy the car seat for.

Let's face it – if an octopus can predict the outcome of the World Cup with some accuracy, it is certainly possibly to get a 50/50 outcome right at least half the time. People love to have a go at these old wives tales, just to make the whole waiting game a little more fun. If you have decided to wait, it is because you want the excitement and joy of finding out the truth. Nothing beats that.

Whether you are carrying a boy, a girl or even both in the form of twins, we think that all mums look beautiful and radiant. It is certainly a great time to show off that glow and and get some photos taken and displayed for all to see. Let them guess the sex purely from your pictures – we bet they won't have any more success than the rest of us.

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