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It is that time of the year again - when couples get the chance to tell each other how much in love they are and to share experiences such as romantic dinners, special nights out or even just a lovely evening on the sofa enjoying time with each other. But what if you would like to offer your Valentine something a little more special and something they will keep forever (just as they will hopefully keep you!) such as a photo frame?

Father of the bride photo frame

Valentine’s Day falls on February the 14th and is usually marked by the exchange of cards or flowers. There are many stories regarding the origins of St. Valentines, but the one that appeals to us the most is the story of a young priest called Valentine who defied a decree made by Emperor Claudius II. The decree stated that young men could not marry as those soldiers who were single worked harder and during a time of war, the Roman empire needed all the soldiers they could get. Valentine however continued to perform marriage ceremonies and was unfortunately put to death for his actions, becoming a romantic figure for married couples.

It is also thought that the day relates to the Roman Lupercalia festival that occurred in February, where young women would place their names in a big urn and a young man would choose the one that he would be matched with for the coming year. Often these couples became married - marking that day as one of romance and union.

These days Valentine’s Day is celebrated by those already in couples - but also by those wishing to be. The sending of cards is the main way that a hopeful valentine will express his or her love for the recipient. While the cards are supposed to be anonymous, the sender will always hope that they will be found out and it will lead to a union that will last at least until the next year - just as it did in history.

 A Girl's First Love ... is her Daddy - this is very true!

A personalised photo frame is a perfect way to keep the romantic memories of your Valentine’s Day alive and will act as a unique gift that your partner will adore. If you prefer to send one of our frames as a hopeful gift  - the addition of your photo in the frame will leave your loved one in no doubt as to your intentions!

With heart-shaped cutouts and personalised messages these frames can be given to your partner or to your children to express love on this most romantic of days. Now all you need are the flowers and the chocolates.

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Customer Service

Great customer service. I was not at home at the time of delivery and email Azana. They contacted the mail service and re scheduled the delivery. Beautiful frame.

Brilliant job

Thank you very much, Karen, for this excellent piece of work. The parents of the little Konstantina were delighted and the Greek letters are perfect!

Beautiful frame

I’ve has these made for both of my children now and they’re so beautiful.

Photo frame

Great quality and nicely presented , packing was superb and delivery fast
Thanks so much

Such unique gifts

This is probably my 4th & 5th purchase from Azana, I first bought scan frames when my daughter was born in 2014 and then again when my son was born in 2016. I bought myself mount only and got them framed myself for decor purposes. I then purchased another in 2016 for a gift and then again just last week a further two as new baby gifts they’re just so unique. I love giving something a bit different and meaningful 💙💝

Shopping is easy very straightforward, postage is super quick, packaging is excellent! Can’t fault!!!

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