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Armistice Day - an opportunity to remember - Azana Photo Frames

Armistice Day - an opportunity to remember

Armistice Day - an opportunity to remember


On November 11 at 11am, we all take just two minutes to remember those who took part in and died during the First World War. Not only that but we also have in our minds all of those who have died in service since - across all wars and conflicts - some of which are still happening now.


Armistice Day commemorates the day and time that Germany and the Allies signed the Armistice agreement in 1918 - effectively bringing to an end the most deadly War to have affected the Western world. It is commemorated around the world in allied countries and Commonwealth states.


Many people wear poppies to show their respect and this year, the Royal British Legion is asking people to wear the poppy as a symbol of hope, not just conflict. Next year it will be 100 years since the agreement was signed and the remembrance celebrations have only gained in popularity - possibly as we equate it with those conflicts that still take lives to this day.


This simple two minutes of silence is about respect, but mostly it is a chance for reflection. Our thoughts will often turn to those we have lost, those who made sacrifices and the memories that we have that bring joy and sometimes sorrow to all of us.


But memories don’t need to be restricted to just one day (or even just one minute) in a year. Memories can be kept for a lifetime and the gift of remembrance can be there for us daily.


Our remembrance and personalised photo frames can be used to help you remember family members who fell in the great war and those since. They offer a chance to show respect and to individualise a person who gave their life - rather than them being a part of the whole. This show of respect is also important for children and next generations to appreciate and understand the stories of their great grandparents. It is a chance to open up a discussion and to keep memories alive.


A simple photo may not bring someone back or even prevent the deaths of soldiers to come, but it does offer a small feeling of hope - something that this year’s memorials are asking us to try and feel. Hope might be all it takes to prevent future disharmony between nations.

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