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Enjoy the little things in 2015 - Azana Photo Frames

Enjoy the little things in 2015

New Years resolution: Enjoy the little things

You can breathe a sigh of relief – Christmas is over. Bar the obligatory post-Christmas diet and the remains of the turkey in the fridge, there is little left to remind us of the big day. Now we can turn our attentions to the New Year and that list of resolutions that we vow we will stick to and invariably, never do. But make them we must.... 

This year, we think that your resolution should be a little more focused on you and the people you love, rather than what you want or think you should do. There are so many ways to make the New Year a time for positive change in your life – making 2015 a year to remember and celebrate, rather than yet another one that passes you by. 

Here are some of the resolutions that we think should make your list – they will be on ours. 

Enjoy your children


With every passing year your kids will take one more big step towards independence and they day they will leave home. It might seem like it is many years away, but the time goes so quickly. Make 2015 the year that you sat and watched your kids. The year that you indulged them a little, nurtured them and really took in the sights and sounds that accompany your children – no matter their stage.

Take photos and films, create memory montages and get them involved in every step. Put simply – enjoy your kids. 

Celebrate your relationship

In 2015, just as it was in 2014, there will be anniversaries, birthdays and days to remember that you should celebrate. Many times we will say “Oh, it is our 10th anniversary next year – let's do something then”. But we say “If not now, then when?”. Don't wait to another year to celebrate what is good about your relationship. Create memories in 2015 that will take you through to 2016 and beyond. Make 2015 a special year. 

Relatives deserve your time too


Resolutions are not only about your needs – they should be about the needs of others too. Your relatives want your time and they need it. Grandparents, aunts and uncles, god parents and even neighbours all need to see you, to rejoice with you and to be a part of your life. Give them that time and it will rebound on you in positive ways you could never imagine.

Follow your dreams 

All of us can identify at least one dream that remains unfulfilled in our lives. Some of them will remain that way as they are simply unrealistic or we are physically incapable of achieving them. Put those ones to one side. But we will all have something that we can achieve if we simply put our minds to it. 

Try to put aside the lose weight, earn more or travel more options and think about something that will truly enhance you. It might be to take more time for yourself, learn something new, find a friend or start a new business. Think about what it was that inspired you throughout your life and follow that dream. Think big.

Don't be scared of New Year resolutions, just consider them as guidelines for the coming year. If they were made to be broken they shouldn't be made in the first place. Keep it simple and keep it real and they will take you through the next twelve months.

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