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What do your friends mean to you? - Azana Photo Frames

What do your friends mean to you?


Almost all of us can say that we have friends and some of those might be what teenagers call “besties”.

Those are the friends that you know you can call on at any time, the ones who will listen when you need a good moan or the ones that will join you for a coffee any time of the day or night. Most of all friends are the people we build memories with.  International  Friendship Day is being celebrated this 30 July and it might just be the perfect time to show your friends how much you love them and what they really mean to you.

What do your friends mean to you? International Friendship Day may have been started by the greetings card industry to improve their sales, but this special day is seeing a resurgence - especially due to the increase in social media. These days we can connect with our friends more than ever and in a variety of ways. The celebration dates back as far as 1919 when it was started in the US to give friends a chance to celebrate each other, to offer gifts and of course, to buy cards. Around this time, the tradition of offering friendship bracelets was first popularised.

While the day has been celebrated at different times of the year across different nations, it was formalised by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 2011 as being July 30. The days is now celebrated via social media and various events and is seen as a way to promote friendship between countries as well as individuals. This explains why it was adopted by the United Nations who encourage their member states to celebrate the day according to local traditions and customs.


So how might you decide to celebrate World Friendship Day? One of our customised photo frames might be the perfect way to show your friend what they mean to you. A simple photo in a frame can mean so much and can bring back memories of shared good times. One of the best things about a customised frame is that you can personalize it to suit your best friend. You can add a quote or a date that is special to you both, have it made in their favourite colour or add some sweet love hearts to show how much you care.


We can all be guilty of taking our friends for granted at times. Like family, they just always seem to be there for us no matter what and it is easy to lose touch with why that is so important. The United Nations recognised that friendship is important for promoting worldwide peace
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