Draw Your Own Picture Mount Design

Design your own .... Email your sketch to us and we do the rest!

No charge for this service. 

All you need to do is draw a rough design with a pen or pencil and ruler or publisher.
See below example, the aperture dimensions and inscriptions are included to help us with your requirements. 

We can cut in any shape, form and size.

No need to be artistic! ... simply draw your own design on a piece of paper or on publisher - send attachment via the envelope icon at the top of the page.

Be informative - please include the following;

Photo position

Overall mount size - measure the exact width and length inside a frame.
Our maximum overall cut size is - 30 x 43 inches.

What is an aperture?An opening / slot / gap for your photo to go in

Aperture size - (exact photo size) measure the photo in inches. 
Please note; Apertures are cut smaller than the photo so the photo can sit perfectly behind the mount otherwise it will fall through.

Example; photo size 6 x 4" - aperture cut will be 5.5 x 3.5" 

Aperture position
Landscape (vertical) Portrait (horizontal)

Single (x1 board)
Double (x2 boards adhered together)

Two colours max for double mount.
Colours available ; White / Cream / Pink / Blue / Misty Grey / Black
We can source from our supplier for other colour(s) to suit your requirements.

Your inscriptions to be inscribed onto the mount.
We have an English version computerised mount cutting machine that can only write English characters. (no special characters such as; é è â î or ô ñ ü or ï ç and any other symbols)

Please sketch exactly where you want the aperture(s) and your wordings to be (Inscriptions are optional)

Follow up - within 2 business working days
We will copy yours and then do a draft design, we will send you an attachment of your design for you to preview with the cost.
Let us know your thoughts of the draft and any adjustment needed to be altered - we'll change it, if you're happy then you're set and ready to order with or without frame.

How to pay
We send you a link via email - whenever you're ready to order on our website.

Frame sizes available 20 x 8 / 16 x 12 / 12 x 10 / 9 x 7

Note ; You can use your own frame or source the frame elsewhere.

UK - free tracked delivery (usually received within 2-3 business working days)
International - Enter your destination zip code and country in the shipping calculator for price.

If in doubt - we welcome any questions you may have.

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