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Make Some Easter Memories - Azana Photo Frames

Make Some Easter Memories

Make some Easter memories

Aside from Christmas, Easter is the time of the year when we get our longest break from school or work. It comes at the beginning of Spring - the days are longer and warmer, the daffodils are out and it is just a lovely time of the year. But do you think you are enjoying it as much as you should? Are you building memories or doing DIY? Being with family or eating chocolate?

Easter as a religious celebration

We all know the religious significance of Easter and the symbolism of this is not lost on most of us. It is about rebirth and forgiveness and the time of the year reflects that too. The trees are coming into bloom, baby animals are being born and life is starting to come back after the long winter. Even for those of us who enjoy the chocolate eggs more than the religious aspects - Easter is a special time of the year.

Easter is celebrated at this time of the year as it began as a celebration of the Jewish Passover festival. This occurs during the first week of the Jewish New Year and because this follows the moon calendar it is at a different time every year. The timing has shifted somewhat as it became a Christian holiday and the entire period now includes Lent - making this one of the most important of the Christian celebrations.

Easter a a family celebration

Easter is a great time to start building some family traditions including family meals (lamb is the usual choice!), family short breaks, days with the kids and even just using the time off work to achieve all these Spring cleaning tasks.

Easter Egg Hunt Memories

One of the traditions you might like to incorporate is the giving of Easter gifts. It doesn’t have to be chocolate (although the annual easter egg hunt has to be a winner for kids). But a small gift for each family member can act as a reminder of a family get together or a simple token at this point in the year to show appreciation and care. 

A customised Easter themed photo frame could be a great option for any member of the family. Perhaps a photo from last year’s get together, a picture of the haul of easter eggs or a picture of the latest addition to the family - to highlight the importance of rebirth. Best of all you can add your own comment, dates and quotes to your frame to make it entirely your own.

No matter what your family has planned for the long Easter weekend - be sure that it brings the family together and that you remember to take some photos - for next years photo frame gifts!

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