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In Pictures For Daddy On Fathers Day - Azana Photo Frames

In Pictures For Daddy On Fathers Day

Father’s Day - spoil him rotten,

Being a Dad is a hard job and on just one day each year, we take the time to show our Dads how much we appreciate the hard work that they do as a parent. If you are bored of all the DIY or gadget related presents you can choose from for your Dad, why not consider a Father’s Day related personalised photo frame as something a little different this year? Perfect for Fathers to be, Fathers of the bride or even as a memorial to the Dads we have lost in years gone by.

Father of the Bride

How did Father’s Day begin?

Father’s Day is on June 18 this year and is always celebrated on the third Sunday of the month of June. However the dates are different in other parts of the world. While the idea of Father’s Day has been celebrated around the world since the middle ages, it has only been adopted in the UK since the 1940’s. 

It is thought that there were campaigns to introduce a Father’s Day around 100 years ago in the US after a woman named Sonora Dodd questioned why Mothers had a special day and Fathers did not. She had been raised by her Father after her Mother had died, making it especially relevant to her. Her campaign led to the first Father’s Day in the US taking place in 1910. Another theory suggests that it was a response to a mining disaster that took place in 1908 in West Virginia that killed more than 300 men - many of whom were fathers.

In the US Father’s Day is celebrated as a national holiday - allowing everyone to take the time to look after their Dad on his special day. Here in the UK, Father’s Day always falls on a Sunday allowing most people the chance for a lie in and breakfast in bed - even if the toast is burnt and the eggs a little runny. In Germany however it is traditional for men to have beer and wine and to spend the day having a party for men only.

How to spoil your Dad this year

There are so many ways to give your Dad a great day on Fathers Day this year and just one is the idea of a photo frame. We offer a huge range of different frames suitable for your Father. From one that introduces a baby scan photo to a Dad to be through to one that celebrates the day your Dad gave you away at your wedding.

Girls First Love is her Daddy

Any Dad would be more than happy to receive the gift of memories from his child. You could choose a snap of a fun family holiday, a picture of you as a small child or even a photo of his grandchild to show that future generations are celebrating his important role in the family too.

Whatever you decide to do for your Dad this year, remember that a gift that inspires him to remember the children who love him is worth much more than expensive gadgets and silly DIY related gifts. He will love the personal touch of a well thought out gift.

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